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Super Sheep Race:
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Specifically designed map
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A single worm per team

When playing the Super Sheep Race scheme, players are tasked with flying their Super Sheep through a maze-like map to reach a series of checkpoints. The first player to hit the final checkpoint wins the game.

Players begin by placing their one worm at the first checkpoint, which is usually labelled "1" or "Start" on the map. The checkpoints are usually designed to confine the worms and prevent them falling off, while still allowing them launch their Super Sheep out of a small hole. Players then take it in turns to try and hit the next checkpoint, labelled 2, with their Super Sheep. If they succeed, they may then use their Teleport to go to that checkpoint, and can begin targeting the next checkpoint.

A player wins when he is the first to hit the last checkpoint, which may be labelled either with a number or with the word "Finish".

The only skill required for this scheme is the ability to control the Super Sheep. There is no strategy involved.

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