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A darkside weapon for sure. This weapon requires close-contact with a grave belonging to that team, where a worm of that team has previously died. When activated, the worm that died is resurrected on the spot, and can be used as any other worm.

Several alternative outcomes of this could determine the usefulness of the weapon. First off, the health. The resurrected worm could be given a fairly hefty amount of health free of charge, or the health recieved by the resurrected worm could be deducted from the worm that resurrected him, for example 50-50, or deducted evenly from all other worms on the team. Or perhaps the resurrected worm recieves zombie-like indestructability, but who only gets one turn before he returns to the afterlife - without a grave.

The next important issue is what happens after the Resurrector has been used. Should it end like any normal weapon, with the worm retreating afterwards? Should the resurrected worm take the retreat time, or perhaps the turn should not end at all, and the zombie-worm takes the remaining time for his turn.

This weapon is very similar to the Reinforcement Worm, but with a more sinister background. If a new worm can be brought into existance mid-game as it would do in the Reinforcement Worm, then that aspect of the weapon should not be a problem. Obviously the new worm would take the name of the worm that died to create it's grave. Determining it's health should be just a case of plugging numbers, but whether or not the worm can be made individually indestructable, without the rest of the worms on the map being invulnerable, is another matter.

If the zombie-worm is to die after just one turn, programming would be required to force this death regardless of health, and to make sure that a grave is not left behind. A new animation would probably be appropriate.

This weapon is like the Reinforcement Worm but requires a little extra tactical thinking. For a start, it can only be done with the presence and accessibility to a grave belonging to that team, which in turn would require a death. Even with those requirements in place, the player has to think ahead as to whether it would be worth a turn, and what the zombie-worm would be useful for, depending on the variation of the weapon chosen.

Although the concept already exists (as a weapon idea) in the Reinforcement Worm, (and if they can't coexist, the Reinforcement Worm would probably be a better choice, for simplicity), the benefits and drawbacks of this weapon over the Reinforcement Worm would make it a good supplement, allowing greater choice, and would also remove the problem of the Reinforcement Worm not being available in cavern landscapes. Furthermore, the distinction between the Reinforcement Worm and the Resurrector stresses the divide in the game between lightside and darkside, and so makes a suitable addition to Worms in the storyline sense.

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