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Triad, after 9 turns with no successful shot followed by a lucky hit in a Hysteria game

Triad (born June 26th 1996 in İzmir, Turkey) is one of the most well-known Turkish players in Worms Armageddon. He's known for his contributions for the Turkish community, being founder of UC and being co-leader of Darts n Stuff community. He's also the official translator of The Ultimate Site and Worms Armageddon for the Turkish language.

Summary of Worms Career

Triad started his online Worms career with Worms World Party around 2008, on a Turkish website dedicated to Hamachi. He contributed a lot for the WWP section of the site, and soon became moderator of the WWP section. He managed to gather a lot of Turkish players there including SteaK, a Turkish player who's currently member of sK and nlF in Worms Armageddon. After a while, around the early months of 2009, SteaK discovered Worms Armageddon, and found out it's a much better game than WWP. Almost all Turkish players from the Hamachi site migrated to Worms Armageddon. In the middle of 2010, Triad had an almost 1,5 years long break from Worms Armageddon for a couple of reasons.

When Triad returned to WormNET in January 2012, he was really disappointed: none of his old Turkish wormer friends were playing anymore. During the summer of 2012, he decided to create a Turkish clan with a website, called Ultimate Clan. Triad was aiming to gather Turkish wormers to one place. Since Triad wasn't good at those stuff, his classmate ctoprakseven helped him to make a website. They built a simple forum. UC site got many Turkish players shortly after. That summer, UC participated in the Worm Olympics but, since it was their first year, they couldn't really compete with other players and clans. Meanwhile Triad discovered TUS, and also registered his clan there. After UC Site gained more players, Triad started Ultimate Clan League, a.k.a. UCL. In the first times, league games attached a topic called "UCL Games". Later on, the clan started welcoming players from countries other than Turkey, ZexorZ being the first non-Turkish player to join UC. After recruiting ZexorZ, Triad made UC an international clan. With his programming skills, ZexorZ started to code a league system, similar to TUS's. Meanwhile UC recruited more people from other countries. Triad and his clan was becoming stronger each day. At 2013's Worm Olympics, UC showed the other players and clans that they wouldn't be an easy target like the year before. At the end of the Olympics, UC finished in Top 5. Also thanks to its stronger Turkish players base, Turkey finished in Top 5 as well, the best rank the country has ever got in Olympics. After that, the clan kept its pace and strength. UC had similar results and other competitive events later. Triad and UC members are still active and can be found on TUS or Steam.

Personal Achievements

  • Triad participated in the Worm Olympics 7 times, his stats are like following:
Event Turkey Ranking Global Ranking
Worm Olympics 2009 4 371
Worm Olympics 2012 2 113
Worm Winter Olympics 2012 2 92
Worm Olympics 2013 1 17
Worm Olympics 2014 1 14
Worm Winter Olympics 2014 1 16
Worm Olympics 2015 1 10
  • Even though he's not considered as the best Big RR player, Triad was #1 on Big RR overall standing at TUS.
  • Triad won Best Newcomer award in TUS Awards 2013.
  • Triad won Best Darts Player award in TUS Awards 2013.

Leadership Achievements

Since after Triad created UC in July 2nd 2012, he lead his clan and country to various achievements in competitive events.

  • UC participated in the Worm Olympics 6 times, clan's stats are like following:
Event Global Ranking # of Members Participated
Worm Olympics 2012 31 4
Worm Winter Olympics 2012 14 3
Worm Olympics 2013 5 13
Worm Olympics 2014 3 13
Worm Winter Olympics 2014 2 10
Worm Olympics 2015 1 12
  • Thanks to Triad's efforts and contributions, Turkey become stronger in Worms Armageddon. Comparison of Turkey's Worm Olympics performance before and after creation of UC are like following:
Event Global Ranking # of Players Participated Participation of UC
Worm Olympics 2008 22 2 No
Worm Winter Olympics 2008 25 2 No
Worm Olympics 2009 18 7 No
Worm Winter Olympics 2009 32 2 No
Worm Olympics 2010 38 1 No
Worm Winter Olympics 2010 21 2 No
Worm Olympics 2011 37 2 No
Worm Winter Olympics 2011 22 2 No
Worm Olympics 2012 24 7 Yes
Worm Winter Olympics 2012 15 3 Yes
Worm Olympics 2013 5 10 Yes
Worm Olympics 2014 6 7 Yes
Worm Winter Olympics 2014 9 6 Yes
Worm Olympics 2015 9 3 Yes
  • Triad won Best Clan Leader award in TUS Awards 2013.

Submitted Contents

Triad made plenty of maps, flags and other type of contents for the game. They can be found in following links:

Gaming Setup

Since Worms Armageddon runs fine even on modest setups, currently Triad uses a budget-friendly setup by today's standards.

Type of Computer: Laptop

Model: Sony VAIO VPCCA3S1E

Computer Specs:

  • 4GB RAM
  • AMD Radeon HD 6470M
  • Intel Core i3-2330M

Mouse: Logitech M90

External Keyboard: Trust GXT 280 (Turkish layout)


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