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Real Name: Jonathan F

Date of Birth: 1/12/1986

Nationality: American

About: Although its hard to place a finger on when Shadymilkman started his worms career, a safe guess would be within 1999. Shadymilkman, who was often referred to as "shady", joined clan UNI in his ride to the top. With his tutors UNIxZepho and MeGaMaNxAC, it didn't take long for shady to rise to the top. UNI won the CL2K clan league with the help of shady. During this same time, Shadymilkman was the first wormer to ever go 50-0 in the singles league. Shortly after, shady was invited to join the "elite" in Division 1 league, where he picked up other schemes such as Elite, BnG, and T17s. Within his first few months playing worms, shady was becoming well known, and getting offers constantly from other clans. UNI had died shortly after, and shady left to join FwF, and brought them to the finals in CL2K. FwF had become the 4th clan to ever win the CL2K league, and shady was the first wormer ever to win the CL2K clan league in two consecutive seasons with two different teams.

After FwF won CL2K, troubles followed. At this point, shady was exactly where he wanted to be - in good standings with clan sFx. sFx had put an offer to shady for him to join, but shady went the opposite direction and joined NBR clan, Natural Born Roperz, led by Tylen0l and Reddeath. NBR was a great team who was known for being the best at roping. Without a doubt, NBR could win any roper against any team, but would get destroyed in BnG's, Elite's, and so on. Fortunately, after the addition of shady, NBR also picked up two of the greatest worms players ever, theClash, and Fabrousse - and made the team a real threat. NBR had complications because the leaders were exposed as aliases from AC Clan, and NBR died temporarily. In the meantime, Fabrousse, theClash, Snowball and Shady had started a clan DoN, which was the first team ever in the Worms Armageddon Clan League to go 50-0. Further complications killed DoN (Double or Nothing) and they restructured the clan under the name CoN (Conars on wNet), with the assistance of Deano. Although CoN wasn't quite as successful as DoN, it was still a powerful clan - but very short lived.

Tylen0l and Reddeath, leaders of NBR, decided that they'd continue their alias clan, and break away from AC. Tylen0l announced that he was in fact Molson as well. NBR was a powerhouse once again, but their obsession with Q3 made them quit worms, and leave leadership in the hands of saltyk9 and shadymilkman. Although saltyk9 wasn't a fan of league play, he was a big part in bringing NBR to its greatest success. Shady wanted to take NBR to a higher level and wanted to participate in league play heavier than ever. They recruited well-rounded players that had superior strengths in rope, but consistent throughout all schemes. Shady and DanceMan together turned NBR into a league contender. Although NBR was a big threat to all clans, people always thought of them as a rope-only clan, and Shady didn't like this.

Shady didn't like his clan being thought of a rope-only clan. It was then that he decided to create another clan under alias, as theHippY. theHippY came out of nowhere and created "Teh Ownage Projekt". He told fellow NBR leader saltyk9, and teammate Danceman. The three of them agreed, and llToPllHippY, llToPllPreMiuM, and llToPll(?) were born. Shady went around telling his closest wormers - hosHitman14, hosFabrousse, hostheClash, hosFlowingWater, TEAropa, t5xVolcom, t5xLordY, SPEAR-skippa, sFxAnubis, ACvolrin and several others. Together they tore wormnet apart. Shady would do all league reporting, blocking and changing his IP in between each report. ToP became the second clan in worms to ever go undefeated in league play. They won WormsLeague during their first year in play, which HoS had controlled consistently season after season.

HippY, became known as perhaps the best roper alive - and very well respected in every other scheme.

He had won several Worms League awards that included Best Roper (x2), 6th best all around player, 2nd place coolest player in worms, 2nd place best clan leader (x2), and several others. It was then that HippY had announced that he was in fact shady.

From this point on, shadymilkman became perhaps the favorite wormer to impostor. No matter what time/day you came on, people were claiming that they were shady.

Shady was the innovator of a roping method still used to this day "the finger roll", which he invented after saltyk9 coined "cross hand roping". He taught and played with the greats of today, such as Anubis.

Shady eventually retired from worms in 2002(?). He had changed all his AOL screen names due to annoyance of people msging him to see his roping. He retired on top. Although he no longer plays, every once in a while he will still show his face in the community. He has met both theClash and Fabrousse in Paris. Sources say that he recently has partied with both Saltyk9 and Hitman14.

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