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WA Ropa, formerly known as LeaderMagikarp, leader of the amazing geocities clan DSR made in 2000. Started playing in 1999. Been in almost every clan (except non-amazing clans), won every honour possible and impressed many people around the globe with his skills. Also known for his career as an outstanding webmaster. Here are some of the clans this valuable member of the community made, ages ago, in a time where the parachute didn't always save you from fall damage: ERM BtC EA HHH R MoM sP tC te8

WWP Played under the alias Yakuza, notable member of the best WWP clan ever, ToP.

Other nicknames Used too many aliases to remember. Most notable ones include Jason, who joined TEA whilst Ropa was in HoS. And caye, who joined DwI after faking a very short Rope learning process, in which members of said clan saw him improve from a total rope noob to someone capable of playing any kind of rope scheme, in one week, and believed it.

Leagues Was a senior ref in WACL. Staff of the first WL. Joined CL2K when there was no other option aviable. Holds record for most banned user in FB. Staff of TPL. Current secret advisor of XTC.

Comics Pioneer in the art of worms community parody comic making, copied by many, most notably flex, whose comics are just as good. Some comics can be seen here (registering needed) although many were lost in the internet, like the first episode ever, or the one about gaysex-on-a-rope.

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