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WormsDC saves its option sets as .OPT files, which store basic game settings such as round time and starting worm health alongside weapon-specific information such as ammo, power and crate frequency.

In addition to this, WormsDC .OPT files also store addition settings for DIY terrain frequency, allowing you to limit the chances of (or outright preventing) the map generator from creating maps using a particular terrain style. For instance you could, if you so wished, prevent FOREST or JUNGLE maps from being generated at all.

TO DO: Find out if level codes that generate in one style still select this style if it is disabled.

WormsDC .OPT files will also recall which cheats have been enabled and disabled at the time of saving. Some cheats do not take instant effect despite being enabled by selecting the option set, which can lead to errors such as the MUSIC cheat glitch.

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