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"Map Editor" redirects here. For the map editor in WA and WWP, see Map Editor Guide.


It is necessary for the map editor to contain some information that, if stored in the scheme, might mess up the game when the scheme is used with other maps. For example, you might want a scheme that inserts a crate into specific co-ordinates during the game. This might work for one map, but could easily fail for another. The map editor allows maps to store information that will always be used unless a scheme specifically disables it (see Map Editor Over-ride).

Map size would be derestricted, or have its limits increased for Worms Unlimited. The only good reason for restricting map size is for file transfer rates on WormNET, but this argument is flawed as the physical size of the maps have far less to do with file size than the content of the maps.

There would be two map editors: one advanced and one simple. The simple editor would include all the current abilities of the Worms Armageddon map editor, with a few improvements in efficiency, interface and some extra options. The advanced map editor would be capable of this plus everything listed below.

General Improvements

The Map Editor would have new features that would make it a more powerful editor. The first is the ability to import any map from older worm games. The game would be able to generate maps based on a string as in older worms games. In the Map Editor, you could have other editing action such as rotating the map in any angle and mirror the map horizontally and vertically.

In Worms World Party and Worm Armageddon, you can generate a random template clicking in it, then generate the map from the template. In Worms Unlimited, you would be able to do it, but with an option to generate it without viewing it first. Also, you would be able to select a random map from the SavedLevel forder or a sub-folder.



In the Fiddler, you can edit the water colour. But in Worms Unlimited, you could go beyond. The water would have five components:

  • Rear Waves(The waves that appear behind the terrain)
  • Main Front Wave(The wave that appear in front of the terrain "above" the water line)
  • Secondary Front Waves(The waves that appear in front of the terrain "below" the Main Front Wave)
  • Main Layer(The part of the water that is below the real water line)

For all the components, you could set the Transparency and for the Main Layer you could aditionally set the Saturation and an Invert Color effect.

Layer-Based Information

All layers and their corresponding abilities would be accessible and editable within the map editor. The zones of the map may have any shape or size.

This would be shown when the covering pixels of the terrain are destroyed.
An intouchable layer that is ahead the worms , so when the worms goes trough the layer, the worm is not shown.
It would use a proper fraction(From zero to one). This could also be used to make invisible terrain.
Terrain Armor Points Zones 
The zone will have armor points, which are the same as health points in worms. When the zone runs out of armor points, the entire terrain of the zone is destroyed.
Variable Terrain Destructibility 
When a part of the terrain gets hit, part of the pixels of the terrain which are at a distance lower than Damage (see Basic Parameters) are destroyed. The part of pixels destroyed would be determinated by a proper fraction. Zero would mean indestructible terrain and one would mean destructible terrain as it is now in Worms Armageddon.
Crates Placement Zones
Crates will be only placed in these zones. You could also set the crate frequency for every zone.
Worms Placement Zones 
Worms will be only placed in these zones.(In the case of manual placement, players won't be allowed to place a worm outside of these zones.)
Object Placement Zones 
Objects will be only placed in these zones
Game-Winning Zones 
You would win when you reach these zones, or when you destroy part of the terrain of them.
Event-Trigguering Zones 
These zones will trigger an event when they are entered. (see Event Control)


Lobby Entrance Message 
A message that is printed out in host-join lobby chat window for arriving players
Automatic Spawn Points 
Worm placements for each team involved can be pre-defined.
Defined Object Placements Points 
When not disabled by the scheme, placements of all objects are pre-set to specific co-ordinates (see Object Control).
Game-Winning Crates 
Crates can be placed on the map at specific co-ordinates, the collection/destruction of which wins the game. They can be destructible or indestructible.
Game-Modifiying Crates 
Crates can be placed on the map at specific co-ordinates, each with an identity, the collection/destruction of which triggers an Event (see Event Control). They can be destructible or indestructible. Also, when a crate is collected, a setting of the scheme may be changed.
Game-Winning Flags 
Pre-placed flags are colour-coded to the teams that are involved in the game. The destruction of an entire set of flags corresponding to one team wins the game for that team. The flags operate in the same way as the "targets" in Worms Armageddon training missions do.


And why not? Each map could have a set of scripts that would allow to control behaviour of certain elements, to customize the game settings for this map, enforce some schemes or define new weapons (perhaps, merging the notion of "map" and an expanded "mission definition" would be similar).

Dynamic elements


  • moving or spinning pieces (transportation, or traps)
  • area teleports
  • a volcano that continuously spits fire

Defining new game objects

A map's script would be able to define new Worms objects (like mines / barrels / crates etc.) and customize their behaviour. Everything you've ever wished for can appear in the map!


Maps could contain in-built Weapon Modules. The game would load those together with the map script, which could "enforce" them later to the worms' inventories.

Types Of Maps

Regular Map

Nothing out of the ordinary here, just a regular map. With no - or less limited - size restrictions, of course. The current size restrictions on Worms are unnecessary and there is plenty to do with larger maps. Many schemes would benefit from bigger terrains, and even if they didn't, small maps are still an option. Very tall maps would also be possible.

Unlimited Cavern

Imagine for a moment a cavern map with no water at the bottom or open space at the ends, just simple borders like at the top. A cramped hole in the Earth. And imagine every time you get too close to a border, that border retreats a little bit, expanding the map and revealing more solid ground.

What you'd have is effectively a map of infinite size, only most of it is a repetative pattern of solid ground neatly tucked out of sight for safe keeping, waiting to be discovered and, ultimately, blown up. You could have epic adventures on such a map. There'd be no limits. If you were on the run you would never get cornered- just keep moving and the map will expand to accommodate you. With a large frequently used arsonal the map would quickly extend downwards as random shrapnel submits to gravity, and gigantic canyons would form.

There are some obvious problems with such a theme. The finite game is at stake here - games could easily never end. But no more so than when infinite health is used on an indestructible map. Still, there would have to be restrictions in place.

First off, weapon limits would be a good idea. Any infinite weapon is a means to never-ending excavating, and pursuits could last forever. Teleports would become more and more powerful as the map expands. Infinite teleports are a big no-no: teleport pursuits are the most boring of them all. Even teleports in limited numbers can be horrendously advantageous if a player has one and the other player doesn't. By teleporting miles away, you're forcing the enemy into using vast resources just to reach you by land. There are two solutions - either limit the range of teleports or don't have them at all. Range limiting could be done in the same way as with the Girder; by adjusting a 'Power' setting in the weapons options menu. This would force players into using a succession of short hops to reach far away places instead, and at each hop they might be leaving themselves vulnerable to a nearby enemy.

All weapons would have to be somewhat limited, but to prevent the game ever coming to a standstill a plentiful supply of crates would allow the game to continue on.

It's harder to navigate vertically than to navigate horizontally, so a good restriction that will prevent excessive expansion would be to limit the terrain to a vertical column, yet still have it expandable at top and bottom. Players would find it difficult to expand upwards due to the nature of the land, and at risk from massive fall damage on large maps. Players at the bottom would find themselves vulnerable to attack from above though, especially with gravity ensuring that enemy fire reaches the right place.

Some weapons would have to be adapted for larger-than-usual maps. Players would need to be able to throw them further, and fuse weapons would need greater fuse times for long throws. Some weapons would naturally be obsolete, like the Indian Nuke and all airstrikes. Map-wide weapons like Earthquake ought to be more useful than usual though, expecially on a columnar map. Also, jetpacks would require greater amounts of fuel, turn times would need to be greater (perhaps increasing throughout the game, proportional to the area of active map or distance between worms) and fast-walk utilities would have to be more abundant. Well, they wouldn't have to be. But it would be a good idea.

Last but certainly not least, a zooming feature would be critical for this type of game. Excessive scrolling is not something a player will want to do on a huge map, so either a mini-map could be provided scrolling in from the left of the screen on demand, or a zoom function not too dissimilar to that found in the original Worms game.

Wrapped Map

This feature would mean the map would have no edges yet a finite length. Scroll off one end of the map and you'd land up on the other - yet you'd never know when you've done so. It would be as if there were an infinite number of identical maps lined up to make one supermassive map, a perfect repeat of every object, worm and movement every so far.

It sounds surreal, but it isn't. It would perhaps seem a bit surreal one a huge monitor with a massive resolution, as you'd probably be able to see the same part of the map twice. Other than that, it's something you'd soon get used to. There'd be no edge of the cavern map to fall off, possibly making things easier for the player whose first turn it isn't. There would be no huge stretch of water for a worm to fall in on an island map, rendering the baseball bat and a few other weapons less useful. I suspect there'd be slightly more strategy in the game as well, as a player who is about to embark on a journey can choose to go either way to reach the same destination. Same goes for those who are trying to set up some sort of stronghold - they'll have to defend from both sides. And there's fun to be had too on such a map: throwing a holy hand grenade with low gravity just for the randomness of where it will land, roping endlessly in one direction.

The downsides may mean confusion in scrolling, and since some weapons can be heard when your screen is over the other side of the map, you may be able to hear the same weapon being fired several times. Unless you silence all but the nearest one. That is assuming there is more than one, depending on how it would be programmed.

Mixed Square Map

You could set the types of border of the previous map types so, for example, the top border can be infinite and the right border regular. There would be an exception: if you set a border to be wrapped, the parallel border can´t be an infinite border.

Central Gravity Map

In this map the gravity would point towards the center of the map. There wouldn't be water. Objects would do a orbit with decreasing radius until they hit the terrain. If an object gets into the center it would dissapear of the map and it would cause the same effect as when an object get into the bottom on the screen on regular maps.

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