Magyar Worms: Armageddon Portál

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Magyar Worms: Armageddon Portál
Magyar Worms: Armageddon Portál screenshot
Creator: Ray, Tomi
Date of launch: 1 August 2010

The Hungarian Worms: Armageddon Portal (Magyar Worms: Armageddon Portál) is a website for the Hungarian worms players and Hungarian newcomers to the game.

The main concept of the site was to connect all the Hungarian Worms: Armageddon websites by using the engine of SMF. The idea came from Ray and Tomi offered to be the main coder alongside with Ray.

The site consists of four parts currently:

Each of these are on a subdomain on the site.

Special thanks to FFie, who alowed us to host this website on her server and also MonkeyIsland, since without his help, we wouldn't have been able to create all this.

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