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Rather than being a landfill for every idea under the sun, this page is for specific ideas that most people would not normally have thought of. For example, a weapon idea or "more customisable [thing]" (or in fact any idea that begins with "more") is probably not appropriate here.

Chat facilities

  1. WormNET buddy list, highlighting text from buddies in WormNET chat facilities
  2. Ability for a spectators to send team messages
  3. Ability to /ignore spectators
  4. Ability to store text data with map file, which when map is loaded, is printed out in host-join lobby chat window for arriving players
  5. Xfire in-game chat support

Game editor

  1. Option for partial manual/random worm placement

Map editor

  1. (Multi)layered maps with destructible and indestructible parts on the same map.
  2. Ability to manipulate crate drop zone probabilities
  3. Ability to import Worms 2 maps into Worms Armageddon
  4. Ability to flip maps horizontally and vertically
  5. Ability to generate maps based on a string (as with other Worms games)
  6. Ability to select a random map from the SavedLevels folder (or a sub-folder)
  7. An option to play on a random terrain without being able to view it first.
  8. Wrapped maps

Weapon editor

  1. Optional retreat time for the Teleport
  2. Optional ability to change direction that worm faces while on Ninja Rope
  3. Ability to alter parachute sensitivity
  4. Weapon expiration (opposite of weapon delay)
  5. Availability of fuse-setting option for placable landmines
  6. "Smart Mines" - colour-coded mines not triggered by respective colour teams

Conveniences and interface

  1. Ability to Exit To Desktop straight from a WormNET game
  2. Ability to exit from menu screens while the program is waiting for WormNET traffic
  3. Ability to restart a mission in a similar way to that that replays are restarted by pressing "R"
  4. Instant-landing crates in missions, as in all other games
  5. More versatility in in-game background graphics cycling
  6. Selected scheme, when hosting, defaults to last hosted scheme
  7. Ability to download map, scheme and soundbank files from other players in network lobby or game
  8. Optional auto-/Away
  9. Ability to disabled water aesthetics to see the true water-line
  10. Ability to change aiming sensitivity
  11. Ability to disable instant replays in missions


  1. Fire and gloop alternative to water
  2. Screen vibrations upon large explosions

Wormpot-like effects and options

See also Talk:RubberWorm#Idea_dump
  1. An option to make the player in last place always have the next turn.
  2. Play consecutive rounds on the same terrain, but with the damage intact.
  3. Option to make water rise rate relative to the number of surviving teams.
  4. Option for worms to pass through each other, so that they can't block each other in small tunnels.
  5. Option to disable backflip, to imitate Worms 2 schemes.
  6. Option to have low gravity only affect worms but not weapons to imitate Worms 2's "highjump" cheat option.
  7. Option to have the game end on certain conditions e.g. destruction of certain part of the map (-->CTF) or a worm reaching certain coordinates.
  8. Option for longbow arrows to disappear when they hit indestructible terrain, to prevent blocking.
  9. Option to have all teams in one color group take their turns before the next colour group (eg. red1,red2,blue1,blue2 instead of red1,blue1,red2,blue2)
  10. Turn time stockpile: unused seconds from a turn added to the next
  11. Turn time decay: turn time gradually decreases throughout the game

Replays and log files

  1. Print name of original replay file to log
  2. Show the number of Undos (special tool required) in the log
  3. Ability to extract map as it exists at a certain stage in the game
  4. Ability to fast-forward one turn at a time during playback
  5. Inclusion of turn-counter in addition to game clock, with ability to start playback at a given turn
  6. Logs include lists of weapons collected from crates by each team in the game
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