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Clusterbombicon.png Cluster Bomb
Type: Projectile
Keyboard selection: F2 (x2)
Standard effects: Injury?, Very small circular craters
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Number of
21 0 - -
252 4 - -
254 5 - -
256 6 - -
19 0 26 hp 47 px
11 2 10 23
6 2 16 35
12 3 14 35
7 3 18 35
1 4 16 35
2 4 18 35
3 5 20 47
4 5 22 47
5 6 24 47
9 7 22 47
14 6 30 61
10 10 24 47
15 7 40 85
Initial explosion has same characteristics as each bomblet explosion. Values are per bomblet. Sorted by total damage from all clusters.

The Cluster Bomb acts precisely like a Grenade in the way that it is used. The major difference is that the explosion is much less powerful, but clusters are released which explode upon contact with the land.


  • When fired at a shallow angle into the water, the Cluster Bomb will skip on the surface of the water.
  • When fired upward at a near-vertical angle with full power, a four second fuse will ensure that the Cluster Bomb explodes approximately at the same altitude that it was fired, allowing for somewhat predictable shots.
  • The Cluster Bomb can be placed like a Mine in the same way that a Grenade can, but it's effectiveness is a lot less when placed on the head of the opponent worm because the clusters spread out. However, the Cluster Bomb can cause a very large amount of damage if all the clusters explode onto the worm, causing over 80 points of damage to a single worm at the standard power 3. In order to achieve this, the cluster bomb needs to be placed inside the enemy worm, which can be achieved easily if the opponent is standing on a steep enough slope. You can move your worm underneath the opponent, and perform a vertical jump to dislodge him so you can walk inside him. Drop the Cluster Bomb just underneath the opponent worm and all of the clusters will be created inside the opponent worm and will detonate instantly.

Weapon tip 4.png


  • The Cluster Bomb rarely achieves any significant damage by itself except in rare circumstances. Although the clusters spread and can hurt multiple worms, the damage of each cluster is rarely significant.
  • The Cluster Bomb can only bounce horizontally and vertically, which can cause unpredictable behaviour when bouncing on a slope.

Technical Details

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Banana bomblets in perfect sync
at 00:12:15 (turn start at 00:11:34)
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  • There are 8192 possible angles for each bomblet to be projected (from -45 to +45 degrees from the vertical).
  • There are 5900 possible initial speeds for each bomblet (can up up to 9% slower than maximum)
  • The pure probability of these angles and speeds matching exactly on five bomblets is 1 in 5.5E30. However, it is possible for the in-game Psuedo-Random Number Generator to go into a loop when a cluster bomb explodes on frame that is 1 modulo 4, with a probability of 1/8192. Therefore the actual probability of all bomblets being in perfect sync is 1/32768. There have been at least two known recorded instances of this happening.
  • If they fail to impact, the cluster bomblets explode 9 seconds after they are released.

Tricks and glitches

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