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current15:38, 16 May 2008
Game options
Hot-seat time10 seconds
Retreat time5 seconds
Rope retreat time10 seconds
Display total round timeNo
Automatic replaysNo
Fall damage×1
Artillery modeNo
Stockpiling modeAnti
Worm select at turn startYes
Round end styleNothing
Sudden death water rise20 pixels/turn
Weapon crate probability0%
Donor cardsNo
Health crate probability0%
Health crate energy25
Utility crate probability0%
Hazardous objects8 × Mines
Mine delay3 seconds
Dud minesYes
Manual worm placementNo
Initial worm energy100
Turn time30 seconds
Round time5 minutes
Number of rounds3
Blood enabledYes
Aqua sheepYes
Sheep heavenNo
Indestructable wormsNo
Indestructable landNo
Upgraded grenadeNo
Upgraded shotgunNo
Upgraded bananaNo
Upgraded longbowNo
Player weapons enabledNo
Super weapons enabledYes
Weapon options
WeaponAmmoPowerDelayCrate probability
Bazooka1★★★0 turns0%
Homing missile1★★★0 turns0%
Mortar1★★★0 turns0%
Grenade1★★★0 turns0%
Cluster bomb1★★★0 turns0%
Skunk1★★★0 turns0%
Petrol bomb1★★★0 turns0%
Banana bomb1★★★0 turns0%
Handgun1★★★0 turns0%
Shotgun1★★★0 turns0%
Uzi1★★★0 turns0%
Minigun1★★★0 turns0%
Longbow1★★★0 turns0%
Airstrike1★★★2 turns0%
Napalm strike1★★★2 turns0%
Mine1★★★0 turns0%
Fire punch1★★★0 turns0%
Dragonball1★★★0 turns0%
Kamikaze1★★★0 turns0%
Prod1★★★0 turns0%
Axe1★★★0 turns0%
Blowtorch1★★★0 turns0%
Drill1★★★0 turns0%
Girder1★★★★★0 turns0%
Ninja rope1★★★★★0 turns0%
Parachute10 turns0%
Bungee rope10 turns0%
Teleport10 turns0%
Dynamite1★★★0 turns0%
Sheep1★★★0 turns0%
Baseball bat1★★★0 turns0%
Flame thrower1★★★0 turns0%
Homing pigeon1★★★0 turns0%
Mad cow1★★★0 turns0%
Holy hand-grenade1★★★0 turns0%
Old woman1★★★0 turns0%
Sheep launcher1★★★0 turns0%
Super sheep1★★★0 turns0%
Mole bomb1★★★0 turns0%
Jet pack10 turns0%
Low gravity10 turns0%
Laser sight10 turns0%
Fast walk10 turns0%
Invisibility10 turns0%
Freeze10 turns0%
Super banana bomb10 turns0%
Mine Strike12 turns0%
Girder starter pack10 turns0%
Earthquake14 turns0%
Scales of justice10 turns0%
Ming vase10 turns0%
Mike's carpet bomb12 turns0%
Magic bullet10 turns0%
Indian nuclear test18 turns0%
Select worm10 turns0%
Salvation army10 turns0%
Mole squadron12 turns0%
MB bomb10 turns0%
Concrete donkey16 turns0%
Suicide bomber10 turns0%
Sheep strike12 turns0%
Mail strike12 turns0%
Armageddon16 turns0%
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