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This section details what Parameter options in the weapons editor apply to which weapons, and what extra options are available for specific weapons. Remember, these only apply to Parameters and Detonation Control, not other options!


Bazooka, Mortar, Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Petrol Bomb, Banana Bomb, Super Banana Bomb

Since the Weapons Editor allows these weapons to be totally interchangeable (eg the Grenade can be edited to act exactly like the Banana Bomb), there is no need for some of them to have certain options, and for simplicity they can be removed. For example, the Bazooka does not need to be able to have manual or fuse detonation options. These can instead be worked into a version of the Grenade. Likewise, the mortar does not need an "affected by wind" option because this can be worked into a version of the Bazooka to produce the same effect. And the Grenade doesn't need a detonate-on-impact setting because the Bazooka can be changed to produce this.

Otherwise, it would be entirely possible to change all these weapons so that they look like one but act like another, confusing players unnecessarily.

With these restrictions in place, the graphics that represent certain weapons will also come to represent certain qualities. For example, the Bazooka sprite will indicate that the weapon HAS a Wind Susceptibility greater than 0. The Grenade sprite will indicate that the weapon WILL bounce, and the Cluster Bomb sprite shows that it WILL release clusters. The Petrol Bomb sprite will indicate that the weapon WILL detonate on impact and release fire.

None of these restrictions will actually reduce possibilities - they will simply avoid possible confusion.

(Detonation options will still be free for editing for bomblets, however, should clusters be switched on)

Holy Hand Grenade

The feature that makes the Holy Hand Grenade unique is not an editable option for other weapons. But this doesn't matter in the slightest, because instead of editing it into other weapons, simply edit other weapon qualities into the Holy Hand Grenade for the desired result. In this way, players will not be confused - the Holy Hand Grenade sprite will immediately indicate that the weapon has this feature, even if the explosion might not be as expected.

Homing Missile, Homing Pigeon, Magic Bullet

These will all detonate on impact and not be wind-affected. Other than that, all other options are available.

Handgun, Shotgun, Uzi, Minigun

Each bullet released by any of these guns will create an explosion, so most settings will apply. Wind susceptibility will not apply, of course. Extra options will be required:

  1. Number of bullets in a round,
  2. Delay between bullets.


The Longbow, of course, does not create an explosion, so most options will not apply. Poison, however, can apply for this one - except it will not be released in a cloud but just immediately transferred to any worm hit. Blast Power may also apply, as the strength with which the arrow knocks a worm. Also, there could be the option to have Destructibility, so the arrows would not do a permanent block in map with indestructible terrains.


Nothing applies here except for the two Fire settings, and possibly an extra option:

  1. Range.

Fire Punch, Dragon Ball, Prod, Baseball Bat

Nothing applies to these weapons except for Blast Power, Injury, and, for the first two,

  1. Range.

Kamikaze, Suicide Bomber

Involves an explosion, so most options are available. Retreat Time of course won't be, nor will Wind Susceptibility.

Battle Axe

Nothing here but Injury (which will be measured as a percentage).

Earthquake, Armageddon

For the Armageddon, most options apply. But for the Earthquake, no options whatsoever, except for one also shared by Armageddon:

  1. Duration.

Indian Nuclear Test

Toxicity, Retreat Time, and

  1. Flooding.

Scales of Justice

Retreat Time, nothing else.

Select Worm

Not a single option whatsoever.

Low Gravity

Just three, and this could also be manipulated to give the weapon a negative effect:

  1. Gravity.
  2. Last for a definable number of turns or the whole game.
  3. Affect everything affectable by gravity in the game or just worms.


There would only be two options here. One is what weapons could be used without losing invisibility, for which there would be a setting for each other weapon. The other is

  1. Duration. (in turns)

Skunk, Sheep, Sally Army, Old Woman, Mad Cows, Sheep Launcher, Mole

Each create an explosion, so most settings will apply. Detonation control settings will apply (for the skunk, releasing poison would be the first detonation). Wind Susceptibility will not, Retreat Time will.

Airstrike, Mine Strike, Sheep Strike, Carpet Strike, Mole Strike, Mail Strike

These all involve explosions, so most options would apply, with Wind Susceptibility only for Mail Strike. Detonation Control will not, except for clusters. Each one will have an extra setting:

  1. Number of Bombs

Napalm Strike

Number of pieces of fire, Retreat Time, and Wind Susceptibility only.

MB Bomb, Concrete Donkey

Each have explosions, so most settings will apply. Wind Susceptibility for MB Bomb.

Mine, Dynamite, Ming Vase

Detonation Control will not apply, except for clusters. For Mines, you could also set the fuse time similarly as you do with Mines in Object Control. Also, you could set an option to have Smart Mines, colour-coded mines not triggered by respective colour teams. All other options apply, except for Wind Susceptibility.

Blowtorch, Pnuematic Drill

Injury, Retreat Time and

  1. Duration.

Girder, Girder Pack, Teleport

Retreat Time, and

  1. Range.

Ninja Rope

Retreat Time,

  1. Number of Shoots,
  2. Range.
  3. Ability to change direction that worm faces while on Ninja Rope

Parachute, Bungee

Retreat Time. Wind Susceptibility for the Parachute.


Retreat Time, and

  1. Fuel.

Fast Walk

  1. Speed.

Laser Sight

  1. Range.
  2. Last for a definable number of turns or the whole game.
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