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The Ninja Rope in WormsDC has some odd reactions when interacting with Weapons Crates. These are collated below.

Collecting a Crate your worm is attached to ends your turn

Because WormsDC considers crates to be solid terrain, it's possible to attach your Rope to one. However, if you move your Worm to collect the Crate your worm is attached to, the Rope will disengage and your worm will enter freefall, ending your turn whether they fall too far or not.

Invisible Rope Join upon collecting Crate

Occasionally, when collecting a crate while using the Ninja Rope, the Ninja Rope will act as if tethered to a corner point of the former crate position. It will not be possible to shorten the Rope length any further than this join, or extend it any further than the total maximum length of the Rope.

Pushed into terrain upon collecting Crate

When collecting a crate while using the Rope, it's possible for your worm to suddenly become trapped inside of the landscape. They are still attached to the Rope, but you cannot extend or retract the rope because your worm is blocked by terrain. The only solution is to detach from the Rope and either use the Blow Torch or Pneumatic Drill to dig out, or skip your go.

Worm names disappear upon Crate collection

Collecting a crate while attached to the Ninja Rope causes all of the worm names to suddenly become hidden. Ordinarily, you could toggle the name display using the Delete key, however this is disabled while you are attached to the Rope. This could hypothetically cause you to drop Dynamite on your own worm(s) from the Rope if you're not careful.

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