Cow doubling glitch

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In the past, a bug existed in Worms Armageddon which allowed a player to release double the number of mad cows than the selected herd size by jumping and pressing space (or even jumping while holding space, which was easier) after releasing the last cow in the selected herd. All but one of the extra cows released by exploitation of this bug were subtracted from the team's weapon arsenal, but the releasing of cows was not halted by the number of mad cows in the arsenal reaching zero. Also, in the past, a loophole could be exploited through means of message injection. It was possible to set the herd size to 0 or a number above 5, the former allowing the release of an unlimited number of cows, even if the team had only one cow in its weapon arsenal. Both the cow-doubling glitch and this loophole were closed by Deadcode with the release of version 3.5 Beta 1 of the Beta Update on 2002-08-09.

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