Confused Sheep Strike

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Sheepstrikeicon.png Sheep Strike
Type: Strike
Keyboard selection: [W2] F9 (x3)
[WDC] 9 (x3)
Standard effects: Explosives from above
Present in: WormsDC, Worms 2

The Confused Sheep Strike (or just Sheep Strike as it appears in WormsDC) is an airstrike super weapon which drops five sheep on the terrain. Each sheep bounces once on the terrain, exploding, and then disappears on the second bounce, in a similar explosion. It is replaced in WA and WWP by the French Sheep Strike.

In WormsDC, destroying a weapons crate that contains a Sheep Strike will cause a single sheep to be "Liberated", flinging it up in the air briefly before bringing it back down again where it will detonate on impact.

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