Cloned Sheep

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Clonedsheepicon.png Cloned Sheep
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: F11 (x3)
Standard effects: 75hp injury (max.) per sheep, Large circular craters
Present in: Worms 2
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 37 hp 73 px
12 52 97
1 60 123
2 67 135
3 75 147
4 82 161
5 90 173
19 97 185
14 112 223
15 150 299

Cloned Sheep, a Worms 2 exclusive weapon, act the same as regular Sheep with the exception that they come in groups. They are launched in the same way as Mad Cow herds, but retain the jumping abilities and other movement patterns of their naturally bred cousins. Because Cloned Sheep are a herded super weapon, the desired number of individual Sheep to be released can be set with the number keys from 1 to 5. Once that has been taken care of, pressing space will commence the release of the fluffy devils; a Sheep is released every 25 frames, and the turn timer will freeze until all have been released. After the last Cloned Sheep has been released, the turn will end and retreat time will start.


  • A common tactic is splitting the herd into two by switching directions quickly after a number of Cloned Sheep have been released in one direction, thus spreading out the destruction.


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