Chaos Bomb (Wild Magic)

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The Chaos Bomb transmutes the environment around it, there is no way to tell what it will do, or its radius of effect. The Chaos Bomb could change the nature of the landscape, team colours randomly, move the worms into a themed alternate universe - such as one based on a theme, such as Si fi, underwater (Deep sea worms) a purple alien cave. This device can effect the weapons of any team caught in it, swap them with another team's, make a certain number behave strangely, or add special effects, give all the worms random hats, do random damage, re-start the level, but with no change to the worms, cause any weapon to hit any player, generate crates, remove crates, suck in worms never to be seen again, cause moss to grow everywhere, spawn a strange rift-creature of some sort that acts randomly between and during turns. You name it.

Which used, the Chaos Bomb\Wild Magic will roll random numbers on several different charts containing an unlimited number of scripted effects. The first random number rolled will determine which charts are used, and these charts will then determine the range as well as types of effects created. Certain rolls may call down Armageddon or another massive super weapon at the end of the effect or turn. The main difficulty would be scripting effects, but if made as plug-ins any number could be created as mods.

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