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This weapon is like that of the Laser Gun, though it is different in several ways.

Trapped in a deep, dark hole? No way to get to the last bad guy? Whip out your Air Guitar and play em' a "I hope you die down there" lullaby. When this weapon is fired, a salvo of air guitar is shredded, sending waves of noise in the direction of where it's aimed.

For two seconds, twenty rings of solo are launched; a single ring causes more damage depending on how close the target is. The waves become wider as they fly further and disappear to a certain extent. Nothing effects the Air Guitar's rings of which is shot, not even walls.

Though it does not cause any explosions right off the bat, it can be used to knock a worm onto a mine, causing extra damage. It is also useful for pushing enemies into the water.

This should be not all that hard to program; this is basically an Uzi mixed with Prod, only the waves become wider and cause less damage as they drift further away, and soon disappear. Air guitar music nodes are also cued while it's being fired.

The game needs something like this. Just to keep it from being too powerful, (and therefore making game play less entertaining) limitations and drawbacks must be added to make an equally entertaining and vital weapon.

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