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AC was also known as the Armageddon Clan. Its original leaders were BOND, Omega9, SkiDogg, and a few others. After they became inactive Quietstorm, Raven, and SmkinBlunts ran AC. For more info on AC contact Raven at

Long live smackles!

--- old members list (By the time most old members had retired)---

Leaders: QuietstormxACx [email] ravenxACx [email] smkinbluntsxACx

Honorary Members : CustickxACx DaIkAiOsAmAxACx DimsumxACx Juggalo881xACx MysTiKaLxACx PitchBlackxACx SilentGothicxACx|

Retired: AlphaxACx BlindxACx (RIP) BONDxACx MissingManxACx NZKiwixACx FloodxACx KowaxACx KkLePtOxACx Omega9xACx SkiDoggxACx VolrinxACx

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