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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Worms Basketball match with KinslayeR,
TaG`l-ThaNaX-l and Balee; taken from Worm Olympics
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Worms Basketball:
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Worms Basketball is a scheme with basically infinite Ninja Rope and Invincibility ON/Fall Damage OFF. It requires a map with at least one basket, and numbered areas where the rope must be attached. To do points, the players must throw their worms from those areas to the basket and hit it. The points can be related to the map rules or related to the number of the area where the rope is attached, so if you launched from the area 3 and hit the basket, you will receive three points. Each player can only make one launch per turn, so if someone miss the basket and the fall didn't cause loss of turn, this player will need to skip the turn. The winner will be the first one who reaches a determined score (excluding the benefit of those who start the game) or who gets the most points during a determined time. It is possible to apply both objectives at the same time: if the score given was not reached and the time given was reached, who did the most points wins. Usually the determined score is 21 points and the determined time is 15 minutes.

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