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Known Issues/Bugs

Versions / Patching

  • The Trymedia/Trygames online-downloadable version of Worms Armageddon cannot be patched, and is equivalent to v3.5 Beta 2.

Crashes / Fatal errors

  • If W:A is minimised in the front-end and it needs to display a dialog, switch to a different screen, etc., it may crash or the screen elements may be displaced on restoring. For example:
    • During the end-of-round screen in an online game, W:A will crash if the host clicks the "Play Again" button before you have restored;
    • If W:A is minimised just before entering WormNET, upon restoring the screen elements will not be placed at their correct locations.
  • There are crashes that reportedly happen for various other causes, sometimes before W:A even has a chance to start up. These have not been thoroughly investigated, but may have something to do with nonstandard or erroneous files in the directory structure of the W:A CD-ROM or installed "Worms Armageddon" folder, often due to a pirated copy of W:A.
  • W:A will not run on notebook computers with Intel video chipsets running Windows Vista. The reason is that Intel's drivers for Windows Vista do not support certain DirectX technologies used by the game.
  • Norton Personal Firewall, and possibly other personal firewalls, do not gracefully detect the replacement of "WA.exe" with a new version.
    • Symptom: You can no longer connect to WormNET.
    • Workaround: Each time after you install a new W:A beta update you need to delete the entry for "WA.exe" from your firewall so it can create a new, working entry.
    • Plan: In a future version this will be addressed by "faking" accesses to the needed ports before going full-screen, so that the user has a chance to respond to firewall windows that may pop up.


  • Whispers are not sent securely, and can be spied upon using a network packet logger. This applies both to the host/join screen and the in-game chat.

In-game Connectivity

  • In an online game, the delay between turns (a minimum of 2 seconds) is perhaps sometimes longer than necessary.
  • When a v3.6.24.1 user is present in an online game along with v3.6.23 or v3.6.24.2+ users, a desync may happen during long turns of the v3.6.23 / users.
  • In v3.6.30.0, for a client in an online game with 3 or more players, if the host stops responding (without detectably dropping the connection) during a remote client's turn, then the game will not automatically time out the connection.

Usability issues

  • The front end may be slow/laggy sometimes. One known cause of this is MSN Messenger; if you are using it, go to Tools→Options→Personal and uncheck the box "Show me as "Busy" and block my alerts when I'm running a full-screen program, such as a slide presentation". Another known cause is video driver related, and this is addressed in v3.6.26.4.
  • When returning to the front end from a finished game session, the palette sometimes is not correctly set and is black and white. Minimising and restoring fixes it, but without this step it's necessary to operate blind.
  • In the end-of-round screen of an online game, the "Exit" button sometimes stays greyed out for an unreasonable or indefinite amount of time.
  • When a WAgame file is launched from Windows Explorer, a refresh is triggered in Explorer, so upon returning from Playback, the selection is reset to the first file in the folder.
  • A game hosted on WormNET will disappear from the list after a timeout, even if the game is still open for joining. If this is fixed before the implementation of a new rankings/server system, the fix will be an auto-renewal.
  • There are some text strings (mainly those added in the beta patch) that have not been translated and are shown only in English.
  • Under certain conditions (possibly related to the v3.6.26.4 "slow front end" fix) the Alt fine-tuning key in the Map Editor doesn't work properly.

Playability issues

  • Weapons dropped by a roping worm will sometimes immediately hit or bounce against the roping worm. Examples:
    • The Bazooka may hit the roping worm before it has any chance to retreat, instantly detonating even if there are no obstacles in the immediate vicinity.
    • The Holy Hand Grenade may bounce against the roping worm and fall the wrong way.
    • The Sheep Launcher may brush against the roping worm and drop straight down while requiring one less pressing of the Fire key than is expected to trigger explosion.
  • Graves can block a Girder from being placed in certain positions that would be possible if the grave were not present. The alternative, however, would be to allow the girder to be placed, thus causing the grave to fall down through the terrain, which would be rather weird (although it is already possible to do by shooting a grave with the Longbow).
  • It is too easy to accidentally Surrender.
  • It is possible to fall onto a Crate in a the middle of Rope Roll without collecting the crate. This is very rare. (This can also happen in a Mission/Training round, if a worm continues roping after losing enough health to die; that is a separate issue, and if anything needs to be fixed in that case it is the fact that a zombie worm can keep moving.)
  • When computing the possibilities for firing a projectile, a CPU worm follows the paths with staggered pixels. However, a projectile's actual collision path sweeps a 7x5 rectangle, which may collide in a place the CPU worm didn't check. This can result in the CPU worm accidentally throwing a Grenade which bounces back onto itself, regardless of its CPU skill level.
  • When the Pneumatic Drill is used on top of an Oil Drum, it does not cause an explosion. (It does, however, if a corner or side of the Oil Drum is hit.)
  • The camera follows an opponent's active worm and cursor even if they are Invisible. This gives an advantage to players who are running W:A at a low resolution, since this narrows down the opponent's location.
  • There are several performance issues with large maps, particularly during the spawning of randomly placed crates.

Cosmetic issues

  • PNG maps with more than 64 non-black colours create glitches in the soil texture when land is destroyed. (Note that the glitches can be avoided in by disabling Placement Holes, at the cost of losing soil textures and some or all background graphics.)
  • During fast-forward, rising water can cause a graphical glitch in which there is a temporary shift between the terrain and sprites. (This may only happen when the resolution is high enough to letterbox a cavern terrain.)
  • In the sprite of a Worm holding a Freeze, the worm is incorrectly shown as standing on a downward slope if it is standing on an upward slope. A fix for this will be bundled with the next update of Gfx0.dir and Gfx1.dir (delayed because it is hard to get the palette just right).
  • With ambient music enabled, sudden switches in the music track (for example, when Sudden Death initiates) can cause an ugly audio pop. It is unknown whether this happens on all systems.
  • Sometimes some buttons, e.g. the light-bulb icon in the host/join screen, are replaced by a small (16x16 pixels) black square.
  • When viewing a map of nonstandard size (something other than 1920×696) in the Map Editor, the cavern borders are not rescaled or moved; they are shown as if the map is still 1920×696. Also, the water level will not be proportionally correct.
  • The background debris in the front end moves at a speed dependent on your video refresh rate.

Replay/logging issues

  • In recorded replay files of online games, only the passage of game time separates lines of chat. Chat that took place during network lag or game loading will be displayed all at once during playback.
  • In situations where a Mine is triggered after the end of a turn but before the beginning of the next, a Checksum Spurious and subsequent Checksum Missing may be reported during playback or in an exported log.
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