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WormsBackup screenshot
Developer: Evilworm2
Latest version: 0.43a / 21 July 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: Java
License: Open source
Website: fhtw-berlin.de
Download: WormsBackup.jar (119 kB)

WormsBackup is a program designed to back up custom files and settings from an installation of Worms Armageddon, to prevent data loss as a result of reinstalling.

WormsBackup requires the latest Java Runtime Environment to run. To view the source, one must open WormsBackup.jar with an archive-editing program such as 7-Zip. The source is compressed with ZIP compression.

To use WormsBackup, one must tick the check boxes corresponding to the directories in the %WAPATH%\User directory they want to back up. When the desired directories are selected, clicking the "Backup selected folders" button will put the selected directories and their files into a ZIP archive. The directories may be restored at a later time by clicking the "Restore folders from file" and selecting the archive created with the previous action. Note that empty folders are completely ignored.

WormsBackup also has a fortune-like feature. To use it, click on the image of the disgruntled worm in the center. A box will appear with an amusing message, fetched from a database of random messages within the program.

The drop-down list at the bottom lets you choose whether you like to backup the original installation of W:A or the one with The Fiddler enabled. Note that this option is only available if you have The Fiddler installed, too, and you used the deprecated Fiddler instructions (for 4.0).

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