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| name = Worms.NET PAL Editor
| name = Worms.NET PAL Editor
| screenshot = WormsPALEditor.png
| screenshot = WormsPALEditor.png
| developer = [[User:Pac-Man|Worms.NET Team]]
| developer = [http://worms.codeplex.com/team/view Worms.NET Team]
| version = / 23 September, 2013
| version = / 23 September, 2013
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]

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icon Worms.NET PAL Editor
Worms.NET PAL Editor screenshot
Developer: Worms.NET Team
Latest version: / 23 September, 2013
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: C# (.NET 4)
License: Ms-PL
Download: Version

Worms.NET PAL Editor is a small tool which is capable of loading and saving the PAL palette files used in the frontend of W:A and WWP. It allows the user to change the files and modify them with a small set of predefined manipulations like inverting them or switching their color channels. A technical demonstration has been posted on the Team17 forum, the W:A frontend has been tinted into red colors.

Main Features

  • Displaying PAL palette colors
  • Selecting more than one color at once by holding down the Ctrl key
  • Manipulating the colors manually or with predefined manipulation functions via a right click context menu
  • Saving manipulated PAL palettes
  • A small and simple-to-find easteregg

Planned Features

  • Copy & Paste colors
  • Better selection methods, especially multiselect and keyboard
  • Batch save to manipulate several palettes at once (useful for the backdrop colors which are stored across several palette files)

See also

  • Palette file (including the generalized versions of the load and save routines used in this program)

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