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Developer: ShootMe
Latest version: 2.05 / 20 March, 2007
Supported games: W:A
Language: Java
Licence: Freeware
Download: (1.57 Mb)

WormMM is a program created by ShootMe that allows the user to create a sprite map with ease. The program has many useful features. It requires JRE 6 to be able to run it, which can be downloded here.

Useful Features

  • Maps can be exported into a 112 colour indexed .PNG, so they can be played on immediately.
  • All sprites placed on the map are saved as a seperate layer, which allows them to be moved/altered easily at a later time.
  • Sprites can be enlarged, flipped, rotated sheared and made semi-transparent very easily using the tool bar at the top of the program.
  • The program allows you to resize your map for use with the upcoming update's large map support, and automatically makes it conform with certain restrictions, such as the length and width being divisible by 8.
  • Sprites can be very easily added to the program, although they must be in the form of transparent .PNG files.
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