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icon WormKit
Developer: CyberShadow
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
License: Open-source
Website: thecybershadow.net

WormKit is an extension framework for Worms Armageddon, which consists of a module loader, and a set of modules, each with a different purpose.

There are currently several publicly released WormKit modules, out of which 4 come with the default WormKit distribution. They are:

  • WormNAT2 - allows hosting games even if you're behind a router or firewall;
  • FileOverride - override files from the CD-ROM with your versions;
  • AntiKeyboardHook - stop Worms from disabling Alt+Tab / Win+... keyboard combinations.
  • SoundCardSelect - choose the soundcard W:A should use for sound output.

WormKit was first released on April 5, 2006. Since its release, no significant changes or additions were made to the framework (with the exception of ReplayShark). There was some work on additional modules, including an anti-cheating system (wkWormisign) and a Fiddler-like scripted game engine add-on (wkMagic) - however, none reached a development phase mature enough to be released, and thus the ideas were dropped.

Third-party modules

  • RubberWorm - extends the W:A physics engine with new options. Written by Pisto.
  • Project X - extends W:A with scripting, custom weapons and real-time gameplay options. Written by Entuser.
  • ReplayShark - allows users to build a directory of classic worms moments simply by pressing a button every time something cool happens. Written by Glide.
  • wkMapGEN - Component of MapGEN, allows the generation of random large PNG maps of a variety of schemes from the game lobby. Written by Plutonic.
  • JetFix - Provides a workaround for the jetpack bug when using BattyRope or TestStuff. Written by Pisto.
  • FkeyRearrange - allowes user to redefine weapons order and content for each F hotkey. Written by boobl.
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