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Web Snooper
Web Snooper screenshot
Developer: CyberShadow
Supported games: W:A
Website: http://snoop.worms2d.info

Web Snooper is a web based snooper, which allows chatting and possibly joining games in #AnythingGoes via a web browser.

It looks just like the chat lobby in the game. Its functionality is provided by a bot sitting in the channel, which relays messages between the web application and the actual WormNET channel. When a user is watching the channel using Web Snooper, other players in the channel don't know about his presence, unless he starts talking.


  • web browser with JavaScript support needed
  • sending private messages (whispers) from/to Web Snooper users isn't possible


Original Web Snooper thread on Team17 forum: http://forum.team17.com/showthread.php?t=38249

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