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| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]
| license = Open source
| license = Open source
| download = [ WAsPInstall_0.12.exe (111 kb)]
| download = [ WAsPInstall_0.12.exe (111 kb)] (dead link)

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(Up to Software)
Developer: ZoGgEr!
Latest version: v0.12 / 9 July, 2007
Supported games: W:A, WWP
License: Open source
Download: WAsPInstall_0.12.exe (111 kb) (dead link)
The correct title of this article is W:AsP. The colon is missing due to technical restrictions.

ZoGgEr!'s W:AsP is a protocol that assists in downloading files for Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. Whenever a link that starts with wasp: or wasp:// is clicked, the W:AsP client will open up and download that file into the correct directory.


Because W:AsP is currently unknown by many people, the only website to use the W:AsP protocol is Blame The Pixel. However, ZoGgEr! had created user JavaScript files for The Challenge Base and Worms Map Database that creates W:AsP links to download maps and schemes.

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