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icon W:A Localizer
W:A Localizer screenshot
Developer: Kawoosh
Latest version:
Supported games: W:A
Language: C++
License: Unknown
Download: Release date: 10.08.2011

W:A Localizer (or wkLocalizer) is a WormKit module, bundled with an editor, which allows you to fully translate W:A (front-end, ingame, etc.). The langpacks are placed in the /Languages/ folder of W:A directory, and can be choosed from the Options menu.

Installation and use

First of all, you must have WormKit or WormKitDS installed. Use the installer or extract the archive with files into your W:A folder. Download language packs here and put them into /Languages/ folder of W:A directory. Then run WA and choose your language from the Options menu.

Translating: important tips

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