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Developer: CzAjNiK
Latest version: v2.0 / Junuary 23 2012
Supported games: W:A
Platform(s): Windows
Website: CzAjNiK-Files
Download: Setup \ Archive

WAFR - Worms Armageddon The Finger Roll, first version developed in 2010. It remap keys for Worms Armageddon game.

It's help to Finger-rolling technique present by lookias. Look here

1. Version

  • New version: (25.01.2012)
  • Oldest version: (22.01.2012)
  • Oldest version: (13.06.2011)

2. Features

  • Allow to remap keys, for using FR or for non-rope schemes like bng,
  • Update ability,
  • Profile manager for wxw, shopper, hysteria, bng,
  • Can auto-find WormKit.exe if exist and run, if not will run from WA.exe

3. Bug raport

If you find some problem, have error, bug, feel free to inform me on AG. U can also wrote on my shoutbox: HERE

4. Future version status

Next planned relase should contain:

  • Language chooser(!),
  • Single launching button,
  • Tcheme engine(?).

5. Download

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