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Developer: CzAjNiK
Latest version: v1.4 / March 2011
Supported games: W:A
Platform(s): Windows
Website: Forum
Download: WAFR

The Finger Roll is an external program for Worms 2d series with allow you to control worms by other keys than default.

Official FR clan topic in polish on: THIS SITE

It's help to Finger-rolling technique present by lookias.

More about FR technique on: [1]

1. Version

Current stabile version is 1.4.0 Old's relases is not anavaible for moore public view.

2. Features

  • Allow to control worms by other keys,
  • Smart shout's allowed,
  • Profile manager for wxw, shopper, hysteria.

3. Future

Next relase is planned for may 2011. There be included new shoutbox and bng scheme for ramp.

4. Own schemes

If you wannt to add your own scheme into WAFR just tell my about it! PM me on AG or Snooper. You can also contact on polish communicator Gadu-Gadu: 6506397

5. Download

Latest 1.4.0 available for download here: [2]

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