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KMZ and Kawoosh

Excuse me, but are they the same person? I am confused here. (If so, I think you may add an entry to People page - just to avoid ambiguity.)
--Explorer09 01:47, 10 November 2010 (CET)


Yes, they are. KMZ changed his nick some months ago, and now he is Kawoosh.
--StepS 13:31, 10 November 2010 (CET)

Thanks.--Explorer09 15:16, 10 November 2010 (CET)

Renaming user

By the way. I remember that this wiki had an ability to rename users, but I'm not sure it would work or not. Maybe you could ask CyberShadow for that? --Explorer09 15:48, 10 November 2010 (CET)

Ok. --StepS 16:41, 10 November 2010 (CET)

Readme template

Hey. It seems that you are translating the readme to Russian. However I want to tell you that this navigation template (Template:WA VersionHistory) could be translated, too. --Explorer09 13:14, 5 December 2010 (CET)

Ok. ;) StepS 14:41, 6 December 2010 (CET)


Why are you making redirects from the IP to your page? --Explorer09 16:54, 7 December 2010 (CET)

Oh, that's my IP, I don't know if it's needed. You can delete it of course, but this IP is only used by me in the Web. :) --StepS 16:58, 7 December 2010 (CET)

First, MediaWiki (the wiki engine of this site) won't show your IP address if you're logged in, and you must log in before editing any page in WKB. That is, your IP will never be shown by MediaWiki. Second, what if you changed your ISP or if your ISP assigned you a dynamic IP address? (I think) those could be good questions. --Explorer09 02:03, 8 December 2010 (CET)
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