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Is also knows as MeTonaTOR, MettyPlax, Aviator, DJMSMila and Alternax. Player since 13 January 2010. favorite scheme is Hysteria and WxW Shopper. Is a creator of UwR Website and Worms-Polska Community (find a google) and Worms Signature Generator. You can find it on. His passion was FL Studio and PHP Programming. He went to many clans, not always recruter :P

PoD (tryed, fail) -> RS (tryed, fail) -> k0 (recruter, after 2 weeks admin) -> sF -> (Clan member for only 2 days) -> eVo (Admin & Programmer) -> cD (recruter for only 1 day) -> eVo (Programmer) -> EwS (Admin, but ...) -> UwR (... Fusion whit WoW, Admin, Programmer but...) -> PoW (UwR Was transformed to PoW Name) -> HMC (Recruter) -> sk8 (Moderator) -> FTN (Old UwR Clan reactivation - Administrator).

My story with worms was only in WA. I have left Worms for 6 months, for Win7 Issues (cannot run). After WA Returned to play with nick MeTonaTOR. Now try to connect to play online WWP Schemes on WWP, but no one are here :(

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