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Asbest's playing in his living room.

For sure, the worst ukrainian player in Worms Armageddon history by far. His talent is recognized on inviting everyone on TUS and noob-bashing them. Earned many mutes/bans as well and he's been known also the most loser wormer without any life at all. According to major psychiatrists, his ego let him forget about the most important thing on the earth: pussy; that explains his lack of education and kindness.

Some of the most known quotes related to him:

"u faked me and hacked my PC, and banned me on tus, gj" (Asbest on him-self reporting fake games).

"A noob-basher noob-bashing a noob-basher" (Sbaffo on Asbest beating Chelsea).

"'NOT FRAUD, NOT SCAM! NOT SPAM, NOT FLOOD! Who want to play this league? register and lets play! It takes 5 min to register. You can win 300$ overall WITHOUT ANY PAYING! Tus classic/tel/tus free want to play anyone? llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll HE AФEPA, HE MOШEHHИЧECTBO! HE CПAM, HE ФЛУД! Ктo xoчeт cыгpaть лигy? зapeгиcтpиpyйcя и пoшли игpaть! Peгиcтpaция зaймeт 5 минyт. Tы мoжeшь выйгpaть 300$" (Asbest in #AG using his scam technique to register noobs).

"Asbestbt uahuah looks like those kind of guys that when they are 20-30 they still hang out with 14 teen agers to show how cool they are... while..." (ANO on Asbest).

"he a faggit" (Pizzasheet on Asbest).

"i will play with you, for sure, when i will get my form back" (Asbest using an excuse to avoid).

"you need drugs to be happy in ur poor life" (Asbest's propaganda against drugs).

"my english perfect" (Asbest about his english).

Other goodies

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