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All Beta updates up to and including were written almost solely by Deadcode, after being recruited by Team17. In September 2006, CyberShadow joined forces with Deadcode; all updates since and including were written by Deadcode and CyberShadow.

The latest Beta update can always be downloaded from wa.team17.com.

This site mirrors some of the released beta updates:

Technical information


WA_Exe- and wa_update- to WA_Update- are technically not installers. They are just a plain zip file containing the updated files. One does not need to install previous updates, as these are cumulative.

WA_Update- to WA_Update- (and presumably some other versions) is a UPX-compressed self-extracting 7-Zip archive. To manually extract its contents, the UPX compression must first be removed, then the file must be extracted using 7-Zip tools.

Versions since come in an NSIS installer package, which automates most of the updating tasks - detects installation directory, downloads and installs prerequisites like the 3.0 Patch or the updated GFX archives (which were introduced in The updated GFX archives can be downloaded separately here.

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