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| language = Delphi
| language = Delphi
| license = Open-source
| license = Open-source
| website = http://worms.thecybershadow.net/misc/
| website = http://worms.thecybershadow.net/misc/ thecybershadow.net]

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Thumbnail Shell Extension
Thumbnail Shell Extension screenshot
Developer: CyberShadow
Latest version: 16 May, 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
License: Open-source
Website: http://worms.thecybershadow.net/misc/ thecybershadow.net]

CyberShadow's Thumbnail Shell Extension extends the Windows Explorer shell to display thumbnails for BIT maps, and replays of games with PNG and BIT maps.

The extension uses W:A's installation path stored in the registry, to locate and use the Lead Tools runtime DLLs required to decode BIT maps.

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