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icon {{{name}}}
Developer: {{{developer}}}
Latest version: {{{version}}}
Supported games: {{{games}}}
Platform(s): {{{platforms}}}
Language: {{{language}}}
License: {{{license}}}
Website: {{{website}}}
Download: {{{download}}}


| icon = file.png
| iconsize = size of the icon (default: 32px)

| name = name of program (default: {{PAGENAME}})

| screenshot = file.png
| screensize = size of the screenshot (default: 250px width)
| caption = caption text of the screenshot (default: "{{{name}}} screenshot")

| developer = developer(s) with wikilinks
| version = version and date
| games = the games with which the program works
| platforms = the platforms with which the program works (if particularly notable)
| language = programming language
| license = source license
| website = website for the program
| download = download link

  • If a parameter is not used, the table row for it will not be included.
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