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Download.png  W:A replay
Length: {{{length}}}
WA version: {{{version}}}
Download · Info

This will put a box about a replay floating on the right.


{{ ReplayBox2
| replayfile.wagame[1]| description text[1]
| width = width of this replaybox (default: 18em)
| screenshot = screenshot_file.png
| screensize = size of the screenshot (default: 180px width)
| caption = caption text of the screenshot
| length = length of the replay file (e.g. 00:02:30 or 2 min 30 sec)
| version = W:A version where the replay was recorded

Only the first two parameters are required; the others are optional.

  1. 1.0 1.1 Don't add spaces or line breaks in both ends of these unnamed parameters since they're transcluded too.
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