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(Added French to the languages list and WAreadmepage templates.)
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{{Languages|en|Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.6.30.0 Beta Update|es|Léeme de Worms Armageddon/Actualizaciones del Beta v3.6.30.0|ru|Worms Armageddon ReadMe (Russian)/v3.6.30.0 Beta Update|pagename=Template:Languages/}}
{{Languages|en|{{WAreadmepage|en}}/v3.6.30.0 Beta Update|es|{{WAreadmepage|es}}/Actualizaciones del Beta v3.6.30.0|fr|{{WAreadmepage|fr}}/v3.6.30.0 Beta|ru|{{WAreadmepage|ru}}/v3.6.30.0 Beta Update|pagename=Template:Languages/}}

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