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Idea dump

Pisto wants as many ideas as possible for RW so i'm going to start up a list here, everyone feel free to add to it Run! 03:10, 13 July 2008 (MST)

  • Crates stop falling after N turns
  • Crate rate for crate shower decays (5 seconds, then 6, etc)
  • Weapon power settings randomly vary throughout the game
  • Worms resurrect after N turns dead (so enemy teams have to be killed off within N turns before they start coming back)
  • Gravity flips mid-map
  • Ability to edit the expiry time for the supersheep so that it can traverse longer distances
  • An option for a health penalty on collection of weapon crates (e.g. 10 points deducted when you collect a weapon)
  • Points for weapons mode. Each player has 100 points and they have to select their weapons. Each weapon is worth a certain amount of points.
  • More starting health. Perhaps by adding a value to each worm when the game begins, since 255 is probably a maximum.
  • Delimiting the amount of fire that can be present on a map (some fire disappears if more fire is created elsewhere) the flames thing is done through a trainer (a progam like wa-hacks if you know it)
  • When "Shot doesn't end turn" option is set, some weapons changes after shooting it, for example when you are shooting a holy, it changes to zooka after the first shot. It would be nice to be able to keep the same weapon you've chosen on the first place.
  • Editing the number of weapons you can get from a crate. For example you could get infinite holy granades from one.

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