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Some questions

  1. How does this thing work? I don't have .NET Framework 4 so I can't test the program myself. (and I don't have time to do that)
  2. WA has released, and wkLaserFix works only with Is this program still useful now?

--Explorer09 13:39, 2 November 2010 (CET)


1) Its checking are you running laserfix if you running you can only disable it , or if you don't run it you can enabled it. 2) 3.6.30 you can't play scheme for what is this program, Kaos and any rubber game is not supported by new update. --Veki 2 November 2010

I take offence to that. Correction: "Kaos and any rubber game do not support the new update". See here for details. --Vladimir 00:41, 3 November 2010 (CET)

I wanted to say this :)

Here is a list of modules which are known to only work with

   * RubberWorm
   * Project X
   * ReplayShark
   * CinusKick
   * LaserFix
   * JetFix (mostly obsolete)
   * IndiMask

--Veki 3 November 2010


I think this one is useless because each RubberWorm player should know to fix the noisy scheme parameters which conflict with LaserFix. I think you don't need the Scales of Justice and Carpet Bomb probability (including that their absence won't affect their real probability, such as with Crate Shower).

Stepanesss 18:47, 2 November 2010 (CET)


Don't send message if you don't know what about you talking, if only 1 player in game have laserfix and others not whole game will crash. Everytime

--Veki 2 November 2010

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