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icon Super Snooper
Super Snooper login screen
Super Snooper login screen
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: 1.40
Supported games: W:A

Super Snooper is an application written by Annelid (most versions in 2003) to connect to the WormNet server for Worms Armageddon and chat in the lobby without starting up the W:A program. Recent beta updates have made the game fast enough that snooping is no longer the time-saver it once was, but a few players continue to use the snooper. The latest, and intended last version, was 1.40, which added a /raw command that would send direct IRC text to the server, and display the reply unparsed.

WWP has encryption involved in the IRC login process, and thus no straightforward method to snoop WormNet2 exists. Annelid may write a v2 of his snooper should any reliable advances be made in the WWP direction.

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