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| version = v1.01 / 11 June, 2010
| version = v1.01 / 11 June, 2010
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W2 W:A WWP]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W2 W:A WWP]]
| language = C# Express 2008 (.NET v3.5)
| language = C# (.NET v3.5)
| license = Open Source
| license = Freeware
| download = [http://wiki.thecybershadow.net/files/SpriteEddy.exe SpriteEddy.exe (172 kb)]
| download = [http://wiki.thecybershadow.net/files/SpriteEddy.exe SpriteEddy.exe (172 kb)]

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icon SpriteEddy
SpriteEddy screenshot
Developer: Etho
Latest version: v1.01 / 11 June, 2010
Supported games: W2 W:A WWP
Language: C# (.NET v3.5)
License: Freeware
Download: SpriteEddy.exe (172 kb)

SpriteEddy is a directory decoder, very similar to Fudge Boy's WA directory editor, which allows the extraction and conversion of the graphical images used by various Worms games.

Main Features

  • It is able decode almost all Graphics directory file types, including Image files, Sprite files, Font files, and Sprite bank files
  • It supports all the gfx.dir, water.dir, and level.dir files used by Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Online Worms, and Worms World Party Aqua with almost 100% success
  • Individual frame and sprite sheet displays are viewable in the program, and there is a palette display option
  • Users are able to save individual frames or entire sprite sheet images as *.png, *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpeg, and *.tiff files, or even as their original file format
  • Information about each sprite is displayed; such as its width and height properties, cropping information, frame counts, frame rates, description, etc.
  • It is able to automatically crop sprite sheets and individual frames to remove all useless image data
  • Batch operations for extracting all files, saving all sprite sheets, and saving all individual frames are available
  • The back color of a sprite can be changed

Main Missing Features

  • The ability to encode *.dir files
  • Sprites are displayed as still frames and sprite sheets, but it would be very nice to have an animated display as well... like the Sprite Editor does
  • It would be nice to be able to save sprites as animated *.gif and APNG files
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