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Silkworm 4.12a configuration dialog
Developer: Deadcode
Latest version: v4.12a / 18 March, 2002
Supported games: W:A
Language: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Licence: Closed source
Website: none
Download (v4.12a): (70 kb)

Silkworm is a companion program for the game Worms:Armageddon, written by Deadcode.

Early versions

The first versions of Silkworm were inclined towards cheat features. Silkworm 3.x features client-side add-ons (such as a point-and-shoot BnG aimbot), the ability to manipulate the game by directly injecting messages into the message stream (e.g. freezing time or releasing an unlimited number of Mad Cows), and "macros" such as automatic skipwalking and Parachute reselection.

Later versions

After a cheat version (v3.5 of 4 October 2001) of Silkworm has leaked out, WormNET was in a temporary state of chaos, because of the overwhelming cheating. In order to mitigate the chaos, Deadcode later released Silkworm v3.72; it and later versions were dubbed Antisilk by others due to its ability to remotely disable cheat versions of Silkworm. Later versions soon added several enhancements to the game itself, most importantly allowing it to run under Windows 2000 and XP.

Deadcode's personal version of Silkworm 4.x had several "remote control" features which manipulate the game's physics engine, simultaneously for all players (e.g. moving a worm with the mouse, or repeatedly firing a weapon without ending the turn). It wasn't until 2004 that he gave this version to anybody; since it only works on W:A v3.0 (like all versions of Silkworm), it's largely a moot point in terms of cheating.

Naming controversy

This program should not be confused with the Constipated Silkworm, written by Megaworm and Annelid, which has nothing in common (perhaps but the name) with this program.

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