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[[Category:Third-party programs]]
[[Category:Third-party programs]]

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Annelid icon.png  Scheme Works
Scheme Works screenshot
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: v1.5.2 / 8 September, 2002
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: Visual Basic
Licence: Closed source
Website: none?
Download: SchemeWorks v1.5.2.zip (107 kb)

Scheme Works is a powerful scheme editor, written by Annelid. It is compatible with W:A and WWP schemes, as well as with W:A's new scheme format (which allows setting super weapon ammo), and thus can convert schemes between formats.

It has the small limitation of not allowing water rise rate to be set beyond 7, to use non-standard water rise rates. To set the rise rate beyond 7, use EthoCryptic's SchemeEddy.

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