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| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]], [[Worms World Party|WWP]]
| license = Closed source
| license = Closed source
| download = [http://www.blamethepixel.com/filedownload.php?id=3782 SchemeEddy2.zip (236 KB)]
| download = [http://www.tus-wa.com/files/file-4/ SchemeEddy2.zip (236 KB)]

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icon SchemeEddy
SchemeEddy screenshot
Developer: Etho
Latest version: v2.07 / 25th April 2009
Supported games: W:A, WWP
License: Closed source
Download: SchemeEddy2.zip (236 KB)

SchemeEddy is a powerful scheme editor, written by Etho. It is compatible with W:A and WWP schemes, as well as with W:A's new scheme format (which allows setting super weapon ammo), and thus can convert schemes between formats.

It is currently the most advanced scheme editor, allowing you to set any value the game will tolerate (beyond the default limits) for scheme parameters and can even generate random schemes. As of version 2.06, it also supports the new scheme options introduced in the v3.6.29.0 Beta update.

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