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Developer: G-Lite
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: (CD/Steam),,,,,
License: Open-source
Download: Downloads:

ReplayShark is a WormKit module which allows "capturing" any given moment during a game, thus allowing a user to build a directory of replays each labelled with a timestamp indicating the time something interesting happened in that replay. Simply put, it is a convenience program which eliminates the hassle of manually going through the replay after the game and finding the interesting turn, and then copying the replay and adding a timestamp. ReplayShark does this all for the user at the press of a hotkey (specifically, Ctrl + F12).

ReplayShark was thought up in April 2006 by Cueshark [1] and eventually created in August by G-Lite [2].

ReplayShark requires the Load WormKit modules option to be enabled (it can be found in the Advanced settings menu).

Originally coded for W:A v3.6.26.5, it has been modified by Pisto to work with the update, then by Kawoosh to work with the, and updates, and then by StepS to work with the (CD and Steam) update.

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