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| developer = [[G-Lite]]
| developer = [[G-Lite]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]]
| games = [[Worms Armageddon|W:A]]
| download = [http://g-lite.kochen.nl/wkReplayShark.zip]
| download = [http://g-lite.kochen.nl/wkReplayShark.zip wkReplayShark.zip]

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(Up to WormKit)
Developer: G-Lite
Supported games: W:A
Download: wkReplayShark.zip

ReplayShark is a program that allows you to "capture" any given moment during a game, allowing you to build a directory of replays each labelled with a timestamp indicating the time something interesting happened in that replay. Simply put, it is a convenience program which eliminates the hassle of manually going through the replay after your game and finding the interesting turn, and then copying the replay and adding a timestamp. ReplayShark does this all for you at the press of a hotkey.

ReplayShark was thought up in April 2006 by Cueshark [1] and eventually created in August by G-Lite [2].

ReplayShark requires WormKit to work.

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