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Developer: StepS
Latest version: 0.1 / 18 December 2013
Supported games: W2
Language: C++
License: Open-source

ReSolution is a new WormKit module for Worms 2 (version 1.05) to change the in-game screen resolution to any value. Its key features are simplicity (don't need to patch the executable) and automatic detection of island and cavern-type landscapes, and is thus preferred over the hardcoded patches.


  • Can change resolution to any value using the W2.ini file
  • Works flawlessly on open-island maps
  • Respects caverns, automatically applying the screen box for certain resolutions
  • Does everything in memory without touching your exe
  • Compatible only with version 1.05 (multi-version support may be added later)


  • Detect when the water starts flooding in caverns and apply the needed screen size mode. Right now, an offline, sync-breaking fix is applied (can be turned off at a cost of working interface)
  • Respect super-duper high resolutions (8K) on island maps
  • Version check (there's no resource file info in Worms2.exe)
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