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Caecilian screenshot
Developer: User:Simon Hughes
Latest version: Beta 3, 3rd July 2007.
Supported games: W:A
Language: Borland Delphi
Licence: Freeware
Website: none
Download: (700 KB)

About ProSnooper

ProSnooper is an application that lets you connect to WormNET, chat on the channels and join games.

ProSnooper is still in its betatesting phase, but is quite stable.


  • Join Wormnet and chat.
  • Join games hosted on Wormnet.
  • Configuration of rank and flag.
  • Minimizes to tray; notifies you on highlight and private messages
  • Use ProSnooper color codes.
  • Change color-scheme of ProSnooper.
  • Customizable UI.
  • Buddy list.
  • Sound notification.
  • Highlight-notification.
  • Displays Wormnet-style flags and ranks.

Known issues

  • When joining a game from ProSnooper, you may get the "Max Players" error when in fact there still is room for more users.
  • Windows Vista support is currently untested.
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