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* Added skins options: Saturation, HUE, Glowing, Native borders.
* Added skins options: Saturation, HUE, Glowing, Native borders.
* Changed design of Settings window
* Changed design of Settings window
* Writed PDF documentation for program (russian only)
* Written PDF documentation for program (russian only)
=== (non-released) ===
=== (non-released) ===

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(Up to Software)
icon ProSnooper
ProSnooper screenshot
Developer: The SCS
Simon Hughes
Latest version:, 05 Aug 2012
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi 7.2
License: Open Source
Website: rndware.info
Download: * Files

Pro Snooper is an application that lets you connect to WormNET, chat on the channels, join and host games.


  • Join Wormnet and chat
  • Join games hosted on Wormnet
  • Hosting W:A games with custom information: name, password, flag, hoster, ip and port
  • Configuration of rank, flag, clan, quit-message and version
  • Minimizes to tray; notifies you on highlight and private messages
  • Use ProSnooper color codes.
  • Skins supporting; Possibility to creation of user skins
  • Customizable UI
  • Buddy/ignoring list
  • Sound notification
  • Highlight-notification
  • Displays Wormnet-style flags and ranks
  • Hosting with WormNAT2
  • Automatically removing game from WormNET after starting


  • /me <message> = Displays an action. Eg. /me is happy. equals * Simon is happy.
  • /msg <nick> <message> = Sends a private message to someone. Eg. /msg Simon Hi there!. From build 322 double-clicking on user will open a chat-window for this user.
  • /away <message> = Sets you as away. When someone messages you, the message will be sent to them.
  • /buddymsg <message> = Sends a message to everyone on your buddylist.
  • /irc <command> = Lets you send a raw IRC command to the server.
  • /show <1-Enable|0-Disable> = showing the all incoming commands from a server.

Important Information

Unfortunately, software cant work on Windows Vista and further. A problem decides.

Forks & Changelogs (current)

  • Messages window: double-clicking on user will open a chat-window with tabsheet for this user. Currently including smilies and BB-codes support.
  • "Bell" option. This option sends CTCP-message "BELL" to selected user. If user have build 322 or further, then user will hear a sound signal. User can disable it.
  • VoIP-connection. Direct talk with one user. In development.

  • Some small changes
  • RichView using
  • Updated skins engine
  • Added skins options: Saturation, HUE, Glowing, Native borders.
  • Changed design of Settings window
  • Written PDF documentation for program (russian only) (non-released)

  • Removed invalid in Windows 7 and Vista function
  • Skins support
  • Replaced 90% components
  • Added hotkeys
  • Added "Clan" field
  • Snooper now support all flags and ranks
  • You can enter custom "Client" message
  • You can start W:A or change nickname directly from snooper
  • Snooper can display clients icon (Supports: Pro, Wheat, Weed snoopers; XChat, mIRC)
  • You can accept files from other users by DCC protocol.


  • Update list of servers is given in a separate thread, thanks to this completely eliminated the program hangs during the update.
  • Disable autoscroll added to context menu.
  • Fixed detection IP-address without W:A.

2.2.1 Beta

  • Fixed detection of IP-addresses are not from game.
  • With the program installed the sounds of personal messages, and highlight.
  • Setting nickname, server, and channel during installation.
  • Auto reconnect.
  • Display private message in the pop-up message if ProSnooper minimized or inactive.
  • Fixed disconnection from WormNET after some time.
  • The ability to create private (password-protected) hosts.
  • Ability to host on behalf of others.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the program folded after joining to the host.
  • Sort players alphabetically.


  • Fixed some small bugs.
  • The program is minimized after the establishment of a host or a connection to the host.
  • Fixed a bug where the game list was not updated after the creation of a host.


  • Full support for Cyrillic allowed to use only the letters of the Latin and Russian alphabet and punctuation marks and special characters
  • Ranks fix.
  • "Close" & "Host" buttons fix.
  • Limiting the length of the input message (158 characters).
  • Limiting the length of nick.
  • Prohibition to send empty messages that caused the error.


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